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We make energy – smart.efficient.safe

Seidl GmbH specialises in the manufacture of meter connection systems for smart meters. With our wide range of products, we offer comprehensive solutions for any requirement. From the most-compact clamps to high-load connection contacts, contact protection, tools and assembly aids.

Our goal is to develop a system that is not only compatible with all available smart meters, but also provides innovative solutions for the future. We want our customers to benefit from our certified products and at the same time be able to rely on the fact that development will continue.

In all of this, we pay constant attention to efficiency and safety. Our systems are designed to reduce energy consumption on the basis of the materials we develop in house and thus also have a positive impact on the environment. Moreover, we focus closely on installation in order to ensure safety when working on live connections.

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Our products

8 services our customers appreciate

UEW replacement
Bridging connectors must be checked annually

UEW replacement

The bridging tools protect engineers when changing meters. Tools should be checked once they have been plugged in approx. 1,000 times. You can do this by measuring the contact springs and performing a visual check yourself.
A worn bridging tool cannot be repaired. However, you can order a new bridging plug from us at list price, then return the used one to us to receive a credit of EUR 40.
If you have any questions, please contact our sales team directly at sales@seidlgroup.com.

Clamps with EAN code
Personalised components for identification purposes

Clamps with EAN code

Especially when it comes to fast data capture and data input, barcode labels are a means for saving time and money while also increasing productivity. Due to the many enquiries we receive from our customers, we have decided to also offer this service.
Drop us a short message with your requirements.

It saves time – a pre-pinned meter connection clamp


Using pre-assembled pins saves you time and slashes the probability of errors during commissioning to zero. Installation safety is also increased because we test the assembly of the pins here in our factory.

Free of charge and on site


Do you have an energy meter (smart meter) and want a suitable system for it? We check whether your meter is compatible with our system free of charge. On request, we can also have this tested by an accredited tester.

System configuration
Compatibility check of the various components

System configuration

The system requirements vary depending on the market and user. Send us an email to andreas.hollerer@seidlgroup.com with the following information: smart meter manufacturer, smart meter series, country and amperage

Accredited check
Sure to be recognised

Accredited check

The accreditation procedure includes a precise inspection, a thorough check and a responsible evaluation. We check your components using our system. Given the complexity, it is often recommended to consider having a check carried out by a third party, in order to ensure a high degree of confidence and to convey a feeling of safety.

Tool configuration
Installation kits for individual requirements

Tool configuration

To ensure smooth installation on the construction site or in the workshop, the right tools must always be to hand. We offer the right equipment for every application, with pre-defined tool sets or customised sets to precisely meet your requirements.
Send your enquiry, quoting the quantity of articles required, to sales@seidlgroup.com. We would be pleased to advise you and prepare an offer that precisely meets your needs.

Advice on occupational safety
Compact training courses online or on site

Advice on occupational safety

The basis for a safe meter exchange is appropriate practical knowledge, in order to meet the requirements of the correct and appropriate application. Let us know that you are interested in practical training. We will inform you automatically once the next date for a training course has been set.


High energy efficiency

Thanks to the permanently low power loss, the meter connection clamp is noted for its high energy efficiency. Power loss is reduced by up to 51.8%.

Finding a stockist

Would you like to buy our products? We supply our stockists so that you can order the systems online or collect them in store.

Current vacancies

We are constantly growing and looking for employees with ideas that they’d also like to implement. Visit our career page to find out what you can expect when you work with us.

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