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Efficiency and environmental protection

The product lifecycle of a smart meter varies depending on manufacturer and model, and lies somewhere between 10 and 15 years. However, some smart meters can last longer when they are installed and maintained properly. Our meter connection clamp was developed to enable the smart meter to be replaced up to 10 times without any wear to the contacts or screws which means we can expect our clamps to last for 100 years.

High-quality materials 

Efficiency and environmental protection are two factors that we have taken into consideration in the development of our products. Our goal is to offer both high-quality materials and designs as well as energy-efficient solutions. Our clamp experiences up to 51% less power loss compared with conventional connectors. The large surface area of the contact pins increases the energy efficiency over other models. There is also a centre marking on the meter connection clamp as a visual pointer for faster installation.

For more sustainability

The meter connection clamp has an ultrasonic-welded housing, is ROHS-compliant, halogen-free and completely recyclable. With the aid of this innovative clamp, companies can optimise their production process and save energy at the same time. We have realised that it is possible to do little things every day to bring more sustainability into daily life. 

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