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Flexibility and focus

As experts in special applications, we have the possibility to develop a flexible product range and thus increase customer satisfaction. Specialised products and services make it easier for our customers to manage products and focus on sales and installation processes.

We make handling child’s play: 

  • Meter connection systems from 50A to 80A nominal current/continuous current 
  • 1N or 2N with and without tariff connection 
  • Various lengths and designs of high-performance contact pins (ALEF) 
  • Internally toothed conductor connections from high-voltage technology 
  • Lateral offset up to 7.4 mm for a large number of smart meters 
  • Pre-fabricated rollout systems (any configuration possible on request) 

In focus

Tested and certified products

ALEF (Aluminium Forschung und Electric Force) 

Research and development